Brainpaths is a BREAKTHROUGH: a Neurological Medical Device that stimulates the brain; Brainpaths is approved for home use and can be purchased without a prescription for under $28.95. Brainpaths users repeatedly trace textures on the surface of the device, to stimulate the somatosensory cortex of the brain.

Never before have designed textures been available in a device that indent into each fingertip to access 3000 mechanoreceptors located under the skin in each fingertip, except for Braille. Brainpaths patent pending device, based on this technology, brings tactile stimulation to a new level, stimulating the brain like never before.


Brainpaths roots are founded in the discovery of Brain Plasticity: the ability of the brain to improve and repair. Findings in Plasticity of the brain set the stage for Brainpaths. Before Brain Plasticity, the brain was thought to be rigid: unable to repair. Brainpaths uses Brain Plasticity research findings in its development and patent.

Directions for using

Directions for using

  • Select one of many appealing Brainpaths products.
  • Find a restful location to enjoy while tracing your Brainpaths product.
  • Repeatedly trace dual contact paths with one to ten fingers on one or more sides of your brainpaths product.
  • Trace with your eyes open or closed.
  • Trace with soothing music or enjoy peaceful quiteness.


Research and Testing
Neuroscientists refer to fingertips as a superhighway to the brain (Brain Plasticity, Thomas Elbert, January 1998, Radio National, the Health Report). Tracing Brainpaths provides a fine motor skills exercise for motor control and dexterity, involving small muscles in fingers and hands, needed for writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing.
Brainpaths is for all ages
Each time a child uses one of the senses, a neural connection is made in the child's brain, especially when repeated. Research suggests that human adults brains continuously undergo structural reorganization and functional changes in response to stimulation and training.
Childhood Learning Tools
Brainpaths is found to assist young children with learning disabilities such as Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, are able to use Brainpaths to concentrate and focus. Brainpaths devices provide a method and apparatus to help children concentrate and focus as they trace the pathways.
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