Mind Circuit 6 inch

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6" Mind Circuit

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Brainpaths devices are registered with the FDA as a Neuro-surgical Medical Device for home use without a prescription. Brainpaths users repeatedly trace textures injected into both sides of the device, allowing textures to indent into the surface of each fingertip to touch 3000 mechanoreceptors located below the skin,  to fire & wire neurons, providing strong stimulation of the somatosensory cortex of the brain (brainpaths.com).

Brainpaths USPTO Utility patent brings tactile stimulation to a new level, firing and wiring neurons to strengthen synapse connections. Research shows Alzheimers and Dementia result when synapse connections have been weakened by Amyloid plaque and other new forms of plaque being researched currently.

Brainpaths devices are designed for all ages to use therapeutically when you have a special condition or use as a "safeguard" to maintain a healthy brain for a healthy life. Research shows puzzles and games do not fire and wire neurons to strengthen synapse connections. Begin today and use everyday!  

Young Children Tracing Brainpaths: Brainpaths daily exercises of fingertip tracing designed textures engraved into each Brainpaths device, provide daily activity to strengthen synapse connections so nerve connections can communicate, allowing the brain to function successfully as the child performs daily activities.These synaptic connections allow nerve cells to communicate with each other. This process starts prenatally and continues well into the childhood years. There is evidence in many parts of the nervous system that the stability and strength of these synapses are largely determined by the activity, that is, the firing, of these connections.   Brainpaths is safe for all ages, with no side effects.

From Neurons to Neighborhoods:  Science of Early Childhood Development.


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